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Коллекция ориджинов

OB or not OB - what is the question. 
Official dealer of finnish lip-rolling tools 
Oh my God! -> ААА! Гады! 
Old Fags never die, because thanks to AIDS, there are no old Fags. 
OLE, OLE - это пpосто слёзы (С)Л.Агyтин 
om MONEY padme hum 
One mamont(moment), please. 
ONLINE ? Good! Hit  to take the I.Q. Test 
Only XT users know that January 1, 1980 was a Tuesday. 
Operator Hungry - Attach hamburger to your reply 
Oracle не знаю, но на овощных работал. 
OS/2 - Half of an Operating System 
OS/2 любят, а с MD иб#тся 
Panasonic DDD - покупай и не пи%%и! 
Pedigree PAL/Secam 
Pentium Pr0-Z, тот что с голубыми кристаллами 
Playboy: противозайчаточное средство.. 
Plugs & Prays, Drugs & Drops, Oooops - висим-с... 
PNP-переходы - пиво, нода, поинт! 
Politics: from poli = many, tics = blood-sucking parasites 
Pop-Corn, Cock-Porn, брр, ерунда какая... 
Press any key to continue or any other key to exit... 
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del for more fun! 
Press INTER to DEL Setup... 
Probably , что в пepeвoдe нa pyccкий oзнaчaeт "Пpo Бaб Ли ??" 
Programmer doesn't die, he just GOSUB without RETURN 
Programmer: machine for converting coffee to software 
Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for life. 
Psychology. Mind over matter. Mind under matter? It doesn't matter. Never mind. 
Punk's not dead, but he smells like that... 
Q: How can you tell who is the blind man in a nudist colony? A: It's not hard. 
Rad Hat Chili Pampers 
Radio Maximum 103.7 FM overlocked to 106.8 
REALITY.SYS Corrupted: Reboot universe? (Y/N/Q) 
Remember you're unique, just like everyone else. 
Research has found that research causes cancer in mice... 
Rest in Pieces ;-E~~ 
RIP - причина - ГРИПП 
ROM wasn't built in a day. 
Roubleshooting guide - пpавительственная пpогpамма выхода из кpизиса. 
RTFM, RTFM и еще pаз RTFM! 
Rugby is played by men with odd-shaped balls!! 
Rulez - это хорошо забытый sux
Russ Lan и Людмила. (А.С. Пушкин) 
SADM - Чисто, Чисто, Чисто! 
Sara Croft: Sex Bomb Raider 
Save'те разумное, доброе, вечное ! 
SCSI-ка, дядя, ведь недаром? 
security like defecation, unpleasant, but alternatives are worse  
Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'Roll  VS  Sux, Bugs, Plag'n'Play 
Sex, drugs, unix... 
Share-ware Krishna, share-ware Rama.. 
Sharks don't eat lawyers. Professional courtesy. 
She wanted to make love in the back seat of our car & she wanted me to drivе! 
She's nothing - (англ.) а она ничего! 
SHIT - Soviet High Internet Technologies 
Shit happens. Life happens too... 
Skinheads have more hair than brains. 
Sleep is an abstinence syndrome wich accurs due to lack of coffein. 
Smartdrive не заметил потеpи байтца... 
Snickers - первая шоколадка, созданная женщиной-гинекологом. 
Soft sex is hard work! 
Software is like sex: better when it's free.. 
Software is what you delete. Hardware is what you kick. 
Sony - HiBlackТpинитpoтoлyoл - вeсь миp в ()() 
Sorry for terrible english. My native language is C++ 
Spice Gorills 
Starting Linux'95/2 [----------..........] 50%  
Stimorol - неповтоpимый устойчивый сукс 
SU.TORMOZ: кто не знает - тот отдыхает! 
Subj : Кy! Ка! Re: Ку! 
Success Denied 
Sun of bitch -> Солнечний пляж 8-( + ) 
Support bacteria -- the only culture some people have! 
Support your local Search and Rescue unit -- get lost. 
SUмасшедший дом! 
Switch it on. Plug it in. Phreak it out! 
SysOp спит, почта идет. 
SysOp, однако, нынче измельчал...  
System error: Фикс поглючен... Тьфу, глюк зафиксен! 
System Halted is my favorite ScreenSaver ! 
System halted. Press any RESET to continue. 
Sаvage Garden "Бpяк ми шмяк ми" 
Take it Изе. 
TAMPAX PRO-V! Естественная сила здоpовых волос! 
TAMPAX XXXL - для самых пи#датых женщин. 
TAMPAX-Богатыpь: на 30% больше стаpого! 
The Beatles Penis - Now a quarter smaller than it used to be. 
The BOSS is NOT always right, but he is always BOSS! 
The Energizer Penis - It keeps going and going. 
The Highlander Penis - There can be only one. 
the last time I was inside a woman it was the Statue Of Liberty! 
The M&M Penis - Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. 
The McDonald's Penis - Over 8 billion served. 
The more languages a Homo speaks, the more sapiens he is....... 
The Mortal Combat Penis - Nothing can prepare you. 
The Oasis Penis - Thinks it is the Beatles penis. 
The Pinocchio Penis - The longer you lie, the more it grows. 
The Prodigy "BEST _BALLADS_" 
The Psychic Penis - It knows you are coming before you do. 
The shortest distance between two points is under construction. 
The Snickers Penis - It satisfies your craving 
The Transformer Penis - It's more than meets the eye. 
The Windows '95 Penis - If you ask it to do too much, it will crash. 
The world is coming to an end. Please, log off. 
The Yellow Pages Penis - Let your fingers do the walking. 
thE БИтлз 
There were computers in Paradise. Eve had "Apple"... 
There's someone in my head, but it's not me... 
This copy of planet Earth has been unregistered for 4 billion years 
This message is Microsoft Windows compatible !!! 
This program costs 100 bugs 
This program requires Volkov Commander.
Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so ... 
together = to get her 
Traceroot (тpэйсpут) - глагол. 
Turn Intel inside out! 
TWO BEER OR NOT TWO BEER (c)William Shakesbeer 
UART Simpson 
Unable to locate Coffee - Operator Halted! 
UNIX - административно-командная система. 
Unix is user friendly. It's just selective about who it's friends are. 
use грабли on пешеходная дорожка 
V(бюста) * IQ = Const 
Vampires only: Тампакс! Неповторимый, устойчивый вкус! 
Virus check complete. All viruses are working properly. 
Visial Basic - лучшая защита от программирования 
Visual Tampax from m$:  Play - Plug & Unplug! 
Wanted:386DX Fatherboard to have SX with my Motherboard 
Warning, Intel inside! And it's climbing outside!!! 
WARNING:  DO NOT look directly into the laser with your remaining eye.   
We all live in a yellow SUBROUTINE.   
We are made for each other. You love me and I love me too. 
we call it beta 'cause it's beta than nothing 
web-site - по-английски. По-русски - уеб-узел! 
What is the difference between Snowman and Snowwoman? Snowballs! 
What is the difference between women and politics? Politics sucks! 
White House пора пеpеименовать в White PentHouse! 
White power ! ( белогвардейск.) 
Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes? 
Who is DOS? DOS's dead, baby, DOS's dead... 
Why bad girls are so good? 
Why did Silly Billy throw the butter out of his window? To see the butterfly. 
Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly? 
Why is Amiga better?  No Intel inside, that's why. 
Why no one except moderator answers my letters???  
Widows 95 by Necrosoft - Buy & die! 
Wife is exclusive hell for anyone... 
Win95 как самолет - тошнит, а выйти некуда! 
Win95: новый уровень интерактивной эротики. 
Win95: пока все нормальные люди спят, вы трахаетесь 
Win98 хранить в прохладном ,темном,недоступном для юзеров месте! 
Win? 95?? "Ctrl-ESC Alt-<->  "! 
Windows '95 = Macintosh '89 
Windows - вирус с графическим интерфейсом.  
Windows - гpафическая оболочка системы своппинга. 
Windows - лучший пасьянс за 89$.  
Windows - не вирус! Вирусы хоть что-то делают...  
Windows - не дадим обанкротиться Intel!  
Windows - ногами не пинать!  
Windows - пасьянс, требующий 16 Mb RAM.  
Windows - поставь и молись!  
Windows - так просто, что нужно лишь 20 Mb файлов справки.  
Windows - что переустановим сегодня?  
Windows 00 - корректное решение проблемы 2000 года 
Windows 95: So friendly interface! It only needs 4.5 megs of help files. 
Windows Multitasking - screwing up several things at once 
Windows NT - попытка не пытка...  
Windows NT: Only 16 megs needed to play Minesweeper! 
Windows TNT 
Windows на подводной лодке.  
Windows на языке племени Апачи означает Бледнолиций, который смотрит на песочные часы...часами  
Windows против OS/2 - Майкл Джексон против Майка Тайсона.  
Windows упал, отжался 
Windows! Кто не знает - тот отдыхает 
Windows'95 как самолёт, тошнит - а не выйдешь... 
Windows'95 не виснет сразу - сначала она позволяет нажать кнопку "OK".  
Windows95 - все ошибки совместимы с Windows 3.11  
Windows95 - как пpоститутка. Все ее не любят, но c ней тpахаются. 
Windows95 никогда не зависа... (с)Windows95 
WinErr: 019 Ошибка пользователя - Не наша! Не наша!.. 
WinErr: 01F Зарезервировано для новых ошибок. 
WinErr: 020 Ошибка записи ошибок программы - Все записи об ошибках потеряны. 
Without C we'd have BASI, PASAL, OBOL  
Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. 
Wыndows ты мой, я твой ламеp...(с)Киpкоpов 
XPеновый период виндозойской эры
Y2К problem: сможет ли Ельцин функционировать после наступления 2000 года? 
Yahoo - yet another hoo... 
Yo-Yo, Mine Kampf is Yer Kampf - c'mon, check diz out! 
You know I could rent you out as a decoy for duck hunters? 
You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. 
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