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Коллекция ориджинов

Dead people are cool! 
deFAULT origin 
Designed for Windows'95 - надпись на коституции США.  
Device not ready - девица не готова! 
DJ QuakeServer   
Do not drink water. Remember: fish fuck there! 
Don't :~( be  ! 
Don't let your wife out, Clinton's about.  
Don't marry - be happy 
Don't smoRking!
Don't walk on the grass. Smoke it. 
Don't worry, but Memento Mori 
Dont trouble troubles, or troubles trouble you.
DOOM-Box, хрюк вокруг... 
DOS never says "EXCELLENT command or filename"... 
Double the speed of your computer: DEL C:\WINDOWS\*.* 
Double your hard disk free space: DEL C:\WINDOWS\*.* 
Drive A: format failed, formatting C: instead. 
DVD-этажный дом. 
EARTH is 98% full. Please delete anybody you can 
Enter нажат, к чему теперь рыданья... 
Errare humanum est. Причем в грандиозных масштабах 
Error 0x1A: парковка винчестера в неположенном месте 
Error 207: Invalid floating point operation. Заплыв за буйки. 
Error finding COLDBEER.CAN. Sysop not loaded... 
Error reading FAT record: Try the SKINNY one? (Y/N) 
Error: Keyboard not attached. Press F1 to continue 
Europe: "It's a final condom" 
Everything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening. 
Evil communications corrupt good manners 
F??K - не ругательство, а стиль жизни... 
Fail not found 
FAQ: Ты меня уважаешь?
FIDO - волшебная страна, никто не знает, где она... 
Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. 
File not found. Nobody leaves the room! 
For people who like peace & quiet: a phoneless cord 
For Sale: Игpальные автоматы "Одноpукий бандит" (Second hand). 
For whom the phone rings... 
FORD - Found On Road. Dead. 
Format C: completed. Format another diskette? [y/Y] 
Free E-male 
FreeWare - как много в этом звуке... 
Friends don't let friends use Windows. 
From Gates в переводе на русский ИзВрат. 
Garbage: "Пучит!". 
Gerasim Blanka! Буль-буль... 
Glyst: A Sequel to Myst 
God gets good ones. Devil isn't so selfish. 
God is Real, unless declared as Integer 
god shave the queen 
Good thing the FTC makes them put on those "Intel Inside" warning labels. 
Good _uck! 
Gravity really gets me down.  
Gut тапеpча! (нем. пpостоpеч. "Тепеpь хоpошо!") 
H2O девиз не наш, наш C2H5OH! 
H2O удел не наш, мы пьем C2H5OH! 
Happiness is your favorite program moving to OS/2 
Happy End в двух томах 
Harlem Davidson. 
Have a good sex with American Megatrends! 
He is a very responsible person. Mainly because everyone thinks he is! 
He was so frightened! 'Titanic' would sank in his pants. 
Heavy Metal - лyчший дpyг, этo знaют вce вoкpyг
Hell under Earth - Digger-II by iD Software!
Hello World! 17 errors, 31 warnings 
Hello, do you speak any English? 
Here Cоmes: самая нужная часть письма - Origin! 
hex, bugs, rock'n'roll (c) tritryst 
Hi, Boys And Geys!!! 
Hint: Если есть молоко с огурцами, то финская сантехника быстрее окупится! 
Hiroshima-45...  Chernobyl-86...  Windows-95... 
His eyes are so bad, he has to wear contact lenses to see his glasses. 
Hit any user to continue 
Hold me. Kiss me. Love me. Kill me. Drag-and-drop and plug-and-play me. 
I am blond. Please, speak slowly. 
I had a dream... DIR C: 999,937,498,127 bytes free. 
I had a party in my pants last night... and everyone came!
I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it. 
I like kids, but i don't think i could eat a whole one... 
I must confess, I was born at a very early age. 
I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception. 
I used to miss my girlfriend, but my aim improved 
I was followed by luck. Still, I was quicker... 
I'd kill Flipper for a good tuna sandwich right now 
I'm not a gay but my boyfriend is! 
I'm on a seafood diet. When I see food, I eat it. 
I/O ERROR - intel outside 
IBM - I Buy Macintosh 
IBM - это вечный "ПОИСК" 
ICQ: 8**5210, IQ: существенно меньше. 
IDDQD,IDKFA, давайте сюда ваш Ад!
IDE я нахожуся? 
If he learns from his mistakes, pretty soon he'll know everything. 
If I had my life to live over again, I'd be a plumber. 
If I held you any closer I would be on the other side of you. 
If Jesus loves me, why he never buys me flowers? 
If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? 
If you can't make it good, make it LOOK good. (с)Bill Gates 
if you have nothing to do - don't do it here 
If you save the world too often, it begins to expect it. 
If you understand what you're doing, you ain't learning anything.
Imagine jesus standing before you....  are you picturing a white man? 
IMHO в последней инстанции
IMHOм обрастут плиты гробниц... 
In Backs we trust! 
In GEd we trust
In God we trust. All others pay cash. 
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was 1.0... 
In the world without walls there will be no gates and windows. 
In vino muxa plavaet 
In vino veritas - В вино веpите? 
In vino very much 
In Windows Veritas 
Insufficient Disk Space, please delete Windows. Please! 
Intel inside is not a trademark - it's a WARNING! 
Intel Inside! Покинуть помещенье! 
Internet нельзя пoместить в кopзину (C) Windows 95 
Invalid country. Replace and press any key. 
IQ general detection fault. 
It is better to be BAD than to be LOST (с)Cluster..  
It is not a programm, it requires MS Windows... 
It's better to kiss a miss than to miss a kiss. 
Japanese Sumo fight: the original drag-and-drop interface 
Jesus Loves You... Everyone else thinks you're an asshole 
Jesus, save me from your followers... 
Jimmy Page Down 
Kick Any Ass To Continue! 
King for a day , fool for a lifetime 
Kingdom Come - это вам не Condom Kings ! 
Kodak's чести. 
Lamerica online 
Less be yankee - "меньше будь амеpиканцем" 
Let's compromise and say I'm right. 
Life after death? Is that like a TSR? 
Life is SUXXesful 
Life is too short to date ugly girls! 
Life is what happens when you're meking other plans... 
Life take away from people SO MUCH time! 
Linux - for IQ higher then '95. 
Linux is like a wigwam - no windows, no gates, apache inside! 
Lost Carrier = погибший носильщик... 
Love is like a gun: you aim, you shot, you run... 
Love the neighbor... first make sure her husband is out of town 
Love-lorn lovelace, but loveworth lover. 
LSD - pаскpасьтe миp сами 
LSD will make your CGA display 16.2 million colors 
Macintosh: the computer with training wheels you can't remove. 
Make love, not work! 
Marry me and I'll never look at another horse! 
Maxtor of puppets. 
McAfee-вопрос: считать Windows'95 вирусом?  
MD95 - глюкомоpье. 
Meжду нами пpопасть общего =- 
Microsoft - это не ответ.Microsoft - это вопрос."Нет" - это ответ!  
Microsoft DOS for Windows95 
Microsoft mouse - гора родила мышь. 
Microsoft spel chekar vor sail, worgs grate!! 
Microsoft выпyстила пpодyкт, котоpый не сосет! К сожалению, это пылесос  
Microsoft! Багатый выбор программного обеспечения! 
Microsoft: все наши пpогpаммы - gui'ёвые. 
Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. 
MiniTower - корпус для помещений с низким потолком. 
Modem not found! Call by voice? 
Modem not found: (A)bort, (R)etry, (G)oto bed? 
MONEY TALKS... All mine usually says is 'goodbye' 
Money-back = обратная сторона денег 
Motherfucka: "Я был близко знаком с твоей мамой". 
Motherfucker - BIOS, зараженный CIH-ом. 
Mouse without balls.  
Move your asm! 
MS Windows is a treacherous plot against humanity. 
MS-DOS causes deafness and hair loss when used by laboratory rats. 
My Boss is a VERY BUSY man. 
My device was not tested on animals 
My doctor says my blood type is C double-positive. 
My girlfriend is so self centered! When we make love, she screams HER name! 
My interest is in the future, cause I gonna spend the rest of my life there. 
My name is Pont. James Pont. 
My Origin - my Religion
My poor mouse has only one ball... 
Name: ПивоФикс, Subj:<куда> - робот Вам вышлет сисопа. 
NASA - Need Another Seven Astronauts 
Need For Spirt (C) Alchogolyc Arts 
New Ork city 
NO CARRIER: A Naval Aviator's worst nightmare. 
No Money, No Time, No Girl, No Job - NO PROBLEM 
Nobody is perfect. I am nobody. 
Norton Speed-Info. 
Not tonight dear. Why do you think I bought you that damned modem? 
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